August 05, 2003
Wacky Parisiens

The best time to be in Paris is in August because most of the Parisiens head to the seaside in the south of France. For the unfortunate few who cannot get away, Paris brings the beach to you.

Introducing "Paris Plage" where they cart in a ton of sand, pour it over the grass by the side of the Seine and add a couple hundred beach chairs and a water misting machine. Voila! Hundreds of wacky French people, decked out in their designer swimwear lie in the sun and tan all day long. It is the most bizzare thing to walk by. I believe they even had beach volleyball going ...

Keep in mind, the width of the 'beach' is only about 10ft. If even.

Posted by nicki at August 05, 2003 11:39 PM
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