January 16
no no no no no no no

lindsay filled out the application for our new business license (or licence? i never know.) the other day. it just came back REJECTED today. what the FUCK? turns out that our building is no longer zoned for retail. of course, our realtor and our landlord both said it is. HOLY FUCK.

this is gonna be soooo much hassle. there's no way they're going to push through a re-zoning that quick in whistler and getting our start-up costs back from our landlord is gonna be great fun. moving again? gee, sure hope so.

why can't they just do it right the first time? i'm so over this.

** EDIT **

i read through the local bylaws the other day and there just might be a way out of this that requires no money and no moving.

warehouses and showrooms are both legally zoned for the top floor of our building. we could turn our store into a listening booth / warehouse for our goods. our storefront would be our website. we'll have a computer on premises that could customers could enter their orders through. then we "ship" them their records, collect the Cash On Delivery and everything works out peachy.

so ... we could stay in the same place and we wouldn't have to fork out any more cash. i just need to code up a website in the couple of days so we can show proof of our new business plan to the muni when we apply for a new business licence. i've been meaning to actually put some sort of website up at dirtybeats.ca but i've been too busy. guess this'll get me moving. i figure a simple php / mysql site that emails us when someone marks that they want to purchase records / t-shirts / etc (in case someone who's not actually in the store -- i'm sure there will be roughly 2 of those per year). simple tables to store the data -- i can generate the inventory records by reading from the database our POS sytem uses. no need for online payments since we'll be offering COD / cash / bank draft / certified cheque only.

i sure hope this works.


** thanks to robin at black ohm tattoos for a (hopefully) really good idea. go there, get tattooed. **

posted by mike at January 16, 10:34 AM

Ouch, that really, really sucks. Watch your landlord and realtor run for cover.

PS - I believe that in Anglo-Canadian usage the verb is to license and the noun is licence.

posted by: evan on January 16, 2004 03:53 PM

(posted after the edit)
Nice work, Mike. You should check out OS Commerce. I meant to test it a while ago, but never got around to it.

posted by: tim on January 20, 2004 03:55 PM
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