January 02
starting new

yay for crazy new years parties.

highlights ...

  • broadcasting the dj sets over 105.5 fm pirate radio
  • mat the alien, jungle souldier and kori k playing some absolutely amazing music at the uli's party
  • wicked food
  • super hot waitresses at uli's
  • tons of new years pashes from girls i've never met before
  • somehow ending up at the afterparty in function. always interesting when all of a sudden you're in a completely different building, 10 minute car ride away from the last party and the last thing you remember is talking w/ a friend at the front door of the previous building, saying "how the hell are we gonna get there?"
  • watching milton completely trainwreck a mix when he was too wasted to even see the mixer anymore
  • having some hottie come up to me at the end of the afterparty, basically stick her tongue down my throat for a couple of minutes then say "i've wanted to do that for over a year now" and then walk off with her friends
  • rye and ginger at 9:30am. yum.

and that wraps up another year. and no new years resolutions from this kid. all i do is break them anyways.


posted by mike at January 02, 01:52 PM
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