March 27

finally starting to go down the checklist of tricks i wanted to learn this year.

attempted and landed:

  • frontside 720's (can also do 'em w/ melon, indy, mute and stalefish grabs)

  • switch frontside 720's (no grabs yet)

  • backside 540's w/ indy or stalefish grabs

attemped. not landed:

  • frontside rodeos. i can flip them but i can't quite get the last little bit of the 540 around. soon, soon.

  • backside rodeos. these really fucking hurt.

too chickenshit:

  • underflips. they still don't make sense to me.

  • road gaps. not interested in hurting myself that badly at the moment.

hrm. not bad, not bad. might be able to land some of these yet.

some more comments on the logo ideas would be great. i've got some other ideas but i don't feel like working on them until i get some more feedback.


posted by mike at March 27, 05:31 PM
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