September 25
computer problems

i've had some major computer issues in the last couple of weeks. most of them have been my own damn fault -- i wanted to keep running win98 because it ran unreal tournament the quickest. so, after booting into windows upon my return to whistler and noticing that my partitions were mostly trashed, my net connection wasn't working and my comp was just generally being flaky, i freaked out and fdisk'ed the fucker.

thankfully, i had already downloaded and burnt redhat 7.3 (yes, i know debian is cooler but i didn't feel like fucking around with it at the moment).

let's see: redhat got all my configs right (voodoo3 -- found it, usb mouse -- works perfect, sound blaster live -- here's yer sound) and i had to download no drivers. there was a little bit of flakiness in regards to my network connection and my firewall but it only took about 20 minutes to figure out. and that probably would have been a lot quicker if i hadn't just smoked a large joint. hell, if i'd been connected straight to the net, i would have had no problems whatsoever.

how come linux is apparently still playing catch-up with windows?

posted by mike at September 25, 11:42 PM
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