September 19
whistler and graf

or the lack thereof.

i started writin when i was still in high school -- typical youthful bullshit like taggin my name on bus stops and walls. then i got into real lettering and the occasional figure. progressed onto spray paints and the fun started. i've sort of fallen out of the loop as of late. i just haven't felt the urge to even do sketches in my book anymore. i had no clue why, just haven't been pulled like i used to.

i now think i realize why i'm not so into it anymore. vancouver -- tons o' graf for me to at least look at and steal^H^H^H^H^Hborrow some ideas from. whistler -- 2 or 3 tags in the bathroom by someone who doesn't know how to use a pen. i think the whole lack of art to amuse myself with on boring afternoons (ie. when i used to take the bus to the east side and traverse some sketchy alleys with a camera to see new work) has gotten my mind off of the whole process.

this complete lack of graffiti in whistler made no sense to me at first. i mean, whistler is filled with hip hop kids and most are under 19 -- perfect age for random destruction of property combined with imagination. and i've seen the artwork of some of the pro's up here -- it's amazing and very graffiti influenced. then i remembered: it get's goddamn cold here in the winter. who the hell wants to stand out in the cold painting on a wall when they could be getting hammered in their warm condo while watching snowboard vids? sure ain't gonna be me out there.

check these out:



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