September 18

so i'm looking for a job. sort of. i've been trying to be all excited about going back to work but when you just spent the last 9 or so months do fuck all as far as thought processes go . . . well, it's just damn hard to want to get back into the work force. lets face it, working means i can't snowboard everyday this season (unlike last) and it also means i can't just lie in the sun all day with my book and a sack of weed (like this summer).

at first i figured i'd just do some construction labour to make money. then i realized i hate doing mindless jobs like that. if it's going to be mindless work, i'm gonna get myself a retail job or be a bartender. at least that way i either get cheap clothes or have random 35 year old women hitting on me.

so . . . now i'm trying to get my ass back into the computer workforce. i've got lots of help making my resume look stellar (thanks beth!), i've got a ton of experience and i'm pretty damn good at programming. however, i don't have a degree (couldn't be bothered to finish it -- really didn't like school) and i refuse to leave whistler. this could present a problem.

so far, i've decided that if i'm not gonna get a job with computers anytime soon (starbucks or whistler lift-jockey, here i come!) i might as well start doing some programming to get myself back into the whole swing of things. i decided on making a small little distributed cd-organizer (I KNOW THERE ARE A TON OF THESE OUT THERE AND IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE DISTRIBUTED -- THAT'S NOT THE POINT) making use of the various technologies i want to work with, such as XML, XMLSchema, XQuery, SOAP, WSDL, etc). be afraid. be very afraid. these dusty neurons haven't fired in quite a while and i'm getting scared as some of them don't seem to be firing at all. oh well, it'll sort itself out and i'm sure i'll get back into the swing of it.

i hope.

posted by mike at September 18, 11:50 PM
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