September 15
first time

hrm. always used to make fun of this blogger shiznat (that's for tim) but here i am now thinking it might be a good idea since i see none of my friends anymore. maybe this way that might get a slight clue as to what's running around in my head. that's not to say this is gonna be one of those blogs where i throw down a list of all the lame-o happenings in my day. i truly doubt anyone wants to find out how i went to the gym, sat in front of my computer and picked my nose twice. maybe i'll update with cool things that actually happened in whistler (yes, sometimes interesting stuff happens up here besides watching the rampant alcoholism and cocaine abuse or participating in the slutness -- course that means the only interesting things end up being sporty-ish), my music recommendations/scathing reviews (if you don't love and respect drumnbass/jungle you might as well fuck off now) and some interesting links/articles. oops, guess this is gonna be a pretty typical, opiniated blog. oh well.

things to do: make this page look hella different from the current way it is now (tres ugly), get a job (anyone looking for an uber-hacker who ain't leaving whistler for anything?) and maybe even go outside.


posted by mike at September 15, 02:13 PM
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