New hard drive! Hooraj! And the first re-install of OS X in a long, long time.

I backed up most of my home directory but decided to re-install my applications. Why? I don’t know.

Essential applications: * Quicksilver: my computer felt broken without this. * uControl: Caps Lock to Control, Enter (to the right of my space bar) to Command, scrollwheel emulation with Function + touchpad. The uControl installer checks for specific versions of IOHIDFamily. OS X 10.3.6 has version 1.3.5, newer than uControl 1.4.4). Adding it to uControl1.4.4.pkg/Contents/Resources/InstallationCheck fixes the installer. * Desktop Manager: virtual desktops for OS X. * BitTorrent * SSHKeychain * MPlayerOSX * Shrook: for RSS and Atom feeds. * Growl: Little notification bubbles that show stuff like the current song in iTunes. * MenuCalendarClock: the new version of CalendarClock. There’s a pay version now, but the free version still does everything I want. And now Sundays aren’t red.

19 November 2004