November 25, 2002
Sunday Roast Chicken with Chris Rock.

I had breakfast at Ben's place this afternoon. Berry pancakes with syrup, bacon and fried toast. Yummy.

After, my room-mate and I decided to make a medium sized roast chicken and have some people over that we haven't seen in a while. Here is the recipie.

There was also a side of steamed carrots with sugar sauce and Tapioca pudding for dessert.

If you would like to come to one of our other scrumptious dinner festivities, send me an e-mail and I'll be sure to include you. Due to space restrictions I like to keep the gatherings to just a few guests per dinner, but If you send me your name then I'll bump you to the top of my list. :)

Listening to Chris Rock now and laughing pretty hard. He has some good points in his live performance "Bigger & Blacker". Very intelligent and funny man.

Off to bed, there are things to do tomorrow.


Posted by cjones at November 25, 2002 03:01 AM
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