September 17, 2004

Airport Express Weirdness

Having spent a day playing around with the settings of the Airport Express (AE) and how it fits into my home network I have noticed one possible bug. There seems to be a problem when using the default host option (to forward all requests to a machine behind the AE's NAT) and changing the settings of the AE. The host that is the 'default host' needs to have a static ip, the AE leaves the range from x.x.x.200-254 non-dhcp'd so you can assign static ips to machines in that range. I did that for my server and hit the 'update' button in the airport admin utility. As far as I know this button updates the settings of the AE and restarts it. After I did this I couldn't connect to anything from my server, but I could ping telus's dns server and the telus router infront of the AE. So i tried switching my server to use DHCP and everything worked again. Suspsicous, I turned off all firewall etc on my server and tried assigning it the 'deafult host' static ip again. Still no network. Tried a differet static ip thanthe 'default host' one. It worked. So I tried restarting the AE with the restart button in the airport admin program and set my ip back to the 'default host' one again. Now everything worked as expected. So I suspect that the update button isn't doing everything it should be doing.

Posted by bforsyth at September 17, 2004 01:22 PM

It might not be this simple. I tried this again and it didn't work. So I tried having the ip of my server to be something other than the ip of the 'default host' in airport admin, then restarted the AE. Once it had restarted I changed the ip of my server to the 'default host' ip, and then it works.

Posted by: bforsyth at September 17, 2004 01:35 PM