July 11, 2010

WordPress upgraded to 3.0

As some people know, we have WordPress installed in a central location in case anyone wants to use it and not worry about having to maintain it themselves. Not many people do.

I've upgraded our installation to the new 3.0 release that came out a few weeks ago, along with all the themes and most of the plugins. Everything should still work as before, but please do 2 things.
1. Upgrade your database by going to yoursite/wp-admin/ and clicking the upgrade button.
2. Look around your site for anything not be compatible with 3.0 yet so we can fix it.

Version 3.0 brings some interesting new features, like cooler navigation menu options. Check out the release notes here. Apparently they merged WordPress MU, so it should be easier to manage a multi-site installation like log.antiflux.org that runs an ancient version of MovableType. Maybe we should migrate, but nobody seems to blog anymore here anyway. Oh well, I just thought I'd mention it.

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