September 20, 2006

mail problem

In the past few days, our mail server developed an issue resulting in approximately 30,000 spam messages being held in a queue. When the issue was resolved, all 30,000 messages were immediately delivered.

Some of our users forward their e-mail to and addresses. It appears that the sudden increase in the volume of spam messages that were being forwarded through our system - but *did not* originate from our system - has resulted in our mail server being blacklisted by Hotmail and Telus. Messages sent through Antiflux to those systems bounce back with messages like these.

host[] said: 550
Command rejected for policy reasons. (in reply to MAIL FROM command)

host[] said: 554 Service unavailable;
[] RBL blocked (in reply to RCPT TO command)

We have contacted Hotmail and Telus (using non-Antiflux email accounts) about the issue. Hotmail replied saying they would investigate. As of 2006-09-20, we have not heard anything from Telus.

If you get a bounce message from somewhere other than Telus or Hotmail, please let us know.

Update: As of Wednesday evening, Telus and Hotmail are both accepting mail from Antiflux again.

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