July 06, 2006

notice of downtime for hard drive upgrade

okcomputer will be offline for a while starting at 10 am (Edmonton time) this Saturday, July 8. Our early warning system indicates that our 120 GB IDE drive that holds /var/www is on its last legs. If you've noticed weird things with web sites recently, that's probably the reason.

We'll be completely offline for 15-20 minutes to replace the failing hard drive with a new 250 GB unit. After that, web sites will be offline for another hour or two while we transfer all the data.

Update (2006/07/08 9:43 AM PDT): The new drive is installed and I'm copying files around now. It will probably take a few hours, so I added a temporary link to the backup files to get the web sites up again. They should be working, but don't make any big changes yet.

Update (2006/07/08 3:11 PM PDT): Well, even at a respectable rate, it still takes a long time to transfer 120 GB. Let us know if there's anything out of place.

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