January 29, 2006

firewall and turning off FTP

We're tightening up security around here.

First, we're turning off FTP in the near future. We don't have a date yet, but anyone using FTP should switch to SCP or SFTP. SCP and SFTP provide all the functionality of FTP in a secure way and software is available for all modern operating systems. If you have trouble, email root@antiflux.org and we'll figure something out. Here are a couple of free software suggestions.

Second, we're going to start firewalling incoming connections. If you run any network listeners on okcomputer, please email root@antiflux.org to make sure we open the firewall for you. Outgoing connections (e.g. connecting from okcomputer to another server by FTP) shouldn't be affected. We'll be rebooting to install a new kernel soon, which means we'll be offline for a few minutes.

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