June 25, 2005


Greylisting is now part of our mail setup. Mail is rejected temporarily on first connection. Legitimate mail servers try again; spammers generally don’t.

Please let us know if this causes any problems with real email. It shouldn’t.

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June 21, 2005

Debian upgrade

We’ve upgraded okcomputer to Debian 3.1. If you find anything broken, please let us know. We’ve done our best, but there’s always something…

New tools include GCC 3.3, Perl 5.8, Python 2.4, Ruby 1.8 (and Rails, too), MySQL 4, PostgreSQL 7.4, and Subversion.

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June 07, 2005

nice and clean

The mail server is back up. The database cleaning took a bit over an hour and things seem to be working properly again.

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DSPAM cleaning

Message sent to all users:


The main point of this email is that the Antiflux mail server will be offline for a few hours tonight. You'll still be able to check your mail, but you won't receive any new messages. Any mail sent to your account during this time should be queued and delivered once the mail server is back up again. The rest of this email just explains things a bit more, but feel free to ignore it.

You may have noticed some hiccups with the Antiflux mail server over the past few days, such as receiving duplicate messages or incoming mail being bounced. DSPAM, one of the spam filters we use [1], uses a database that has now grown so large that it's causing problems.

We moved the data files and made some adjustments as a temporary solution, which required stopping and starting the mail server a few times. That seems to have caused some duplicate emails to be delivered. Also, a few emails sent to the mail server while it was starting up were bounced back to the sender. Overall, I don't think any email was discarded without notifying to the sender.

Tonight, we'll shut down the mail server and clean old unnecessary records from the database. We'll start at about 9pm Pacific Time. There's no way to tell how long it will take, but I don't expect it to take more than a few hours.


[1] See http://antiflux.org/wiki/Spam for more information.

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