November 27, 2003

gallery upgrade

I upgraded to Gallery version 1.4.1 today.

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November 15, 2003

new movable type plugins

I've added a few plugins to Movable Type:


Regular expressions for MT. I'm using this to strip out “index.html” from MTArchiveLink tags.

<MTAddRegex name="stripfile">s|/index\.[^/]+$|/|g</MTAddRegex>
<$MTArchiveLink regex="stripfile"$>


Converts plain ASCII punctuation into fancy typographic punctuation (i.e., “smart quotes”). Also: three dots to ellipsis and two or three dashes to en- and em-dashes.

Add smarty_pants="1" to MT tags you want to convert.

SmartyPants also works in Blosxom and BBEdit.


An implementation of Textile, the “Humane Web Text Generator”. Provides a lot of shortcuts for HTML formatting. It appears as a new “Text Formatting” option on the new entry page. Uses SmartyPants automatically.

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