August 27, 2003

spam/virus scanning

All e-mail messages received by users are now scanned by SpamAssassin for spam and ClamAV for viruses. E-mails will be tagged with extra headers indicating the likelihood of the message being spam - users can then filter the message depending on their preferences. E-mails containing viruses will be tagged with a warning header, and a warning message will be sent. The e-mail will not otherwise be changed, so as usual, take care when opening attachments.

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August 22, 2003

web mail upgrade

The web mail interface at has been upgraded to the latest stable (Debian) version of Squirrelmail. This should offer some performance improvements, add new features and close some longstanding security holes.

Please report any problems to root.

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spam blocking

We started using the Spamhaus Block List at about 9am on Wednesday. To date, okcomputer has blocked 192 messages thanks to the SBL.

We also started processing all mail with Spamassassin. According to evan's calculations, Spamassassin has tagged over 900 messages as spam so far. I set up my mail client to filter based on Spamassassin's report and got one false positve out of 5 filtered messages so far. That one was a user forwarding a spam to me with a question. Thankfully, I don't get a lot of spam in the first place.

I also put up the antiflux spam page. If you have suggestions or good procmail recipes for blocking Outlook viruses, let me know.

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August 20, 2003

okcomputer system weblog created will now serve as a reference for okcomputer maintenance and news. It may look a little funny until we streamline the stylesheets.

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