December 03, 2006

how to fix imap folder access

We have installed a new IMAP server (Dovecot). Unlike the old UW imapd, it doesn’t need an IMAP path prefix to know where your mail is. Oh, and it’s way faster.

If you use IMAP to access your mail, and:

  • your inbox is fine
  • you can’t see any of your other folders

you probably need to remove the path prefix (‘mail’).

Apple Mail

  1. go to Mail → Preferences → Accounts → Antiflux → Advanced.
  2. remove ‘mail’ from ‘IMAP Path Prefix’

Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. go to Tools → Account Settings → Server Settings
  2. click on ‘Advanced’
  3. remove ‘mail’ from ‘IMAP server directory’
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