January 12, 2003
The Mountains in Monochrome

Well, I made it back alive but sore. I'm reminded of why I don't go snowboarding very often my shoulder was simply not made to bend that way. On the bright side I have no visible scars.

I believe fun was had all around. There was much beer and hot tub, and we played 'find the beer bottle that fell in the water.' Sadly, this included a real beer bottle falling in the water so it wasn't near as much of a super-sexy result as one might have hoped.

I've posted some photos of the trip. If you're so inclined to visit, you'll notice there's two albums there - one black and white, and the other colour. I took a hike to take some snaps, but it was pretty overcast and snowy when I started, so I decided to try out the B&W feature on my camera. It got sunny later, so I switched to colour, but still took some B&W for comparison. Dare to compare!

Posted by savidant at January 12, 2003 07:57 PM
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