November 04, 2002
If You Just Can't Get Enough Mandolin

Weekend Roundup Part II

So after the boys had gone their merry ways, I made it to Saturday night's Neko Case concert. Ms Case is one of them-thar alt-country singers, which as far as I can tell means country stylings without as much electric guitar or twangy voices. In other words, its good music. She was in the New Pornographers for their one and only album, if that band's known to anyone.

The concert was in Mac Hall, which is at the UofC. An excellent venue, but we really should have gotten there earlier. The early people got to sit at some nice tables and sip their drinks. The late people (us) got to sit on the floor.

Music-wise, the opening act was a bluegrass band from Vermont ('Jim, Jenny and the Pipetops' I think). They were alright, but made the mistake of thinking that you can't get too much mandolin. I stopped listening about halfway through their set and went to get more alcohol.

Ms. Case was enchanting, but I would hate to be one of her ex-boyfriends. She sang about five songs which dealt with the death and dismemberment of former lovers. I know that's a common theme in country music, but she's a bit more visceral than most. "...until the river grinds your bones and the catfish eat your eyes..." was one of my favorite snippets. Aie.

Several other notes:
- The band was only three people and a goose. There was Neko Case singing and on guitar, a main guitar player who did most of the solos, and a bass player. The goose was plastic, but I'm assured he played an important role in their sound.
- Something I've never seen before was the bass player spanking his bass. Like full arm swing and everything. There were some balance issues during that song, so I couldn't tell what musical effect it had, but it looked like a helluva thing.
- For you Cub fans, Ms. Case played a song written by Lisa Marr. Apparently she's down in Chicago writing songs. Who knew?
- Memo to the guy in front of me. You can't dance worth spit so sit the hell down.
- UofC waters down their gin something fierce.

Anyways, I'll heartily recommend her music for anyone who's getting into 'Roots' music or whatever you call it these days. It's good stuff.

Posted by savidant at November 04, 2002 12:44 PM

it's lisa marr. the new pornographers have a new album coming out soonish, i hear.

Posted by: ben on November 4, 2002 01:24 PM

For completeness, I've corrected the spelling of Lisa Marr's name in the post. This comment is just to give Ben his props for helping me out.

Posted by: sav on November 4, 2002 01:51 PM

neko case was the original drummer in cub! it's a fact!

Posted by: missjenn on November 4, 2002 05:03 PM

yay! ben and i are going to see neko case tonight!

Posted by: erin on November 6, 2002 01:40 PM
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