the problem with drug addiction, part 2

A Cedar Crest man mutilated and burned his beloved house cats and sprayed insecticide on a female friend because he thought they were shapeshifters.

Christopher Campbell, 42 told authorities that he believed his cats were shape shifters, mythical creatures who can change form, and that they were trying to kill him....

...while deputies checked out the house, neighbors reported seeing a naked man running down the road. Campbell later slipped back into his house; sheriff's deputies found him naked in the closet of the back bedroom.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the house a week earlier when a semi-nude woman ran screaming and crying to a neighbor's home...

...he told deputies he became concerned when a shape shifter took over Waites' body, so he locked her in his laundry room and smashed the window with a fire poker "to keep an eye on her."

Campbell said he sprayed Waites with insecticide in an attempt to get her to jump out the window and leave.

Deputies say his parents came from their home in Florida about three days ago to check on their son. They told officers they went to Campbell's his home to find butter smeared on the doorknobs and jars of honey and jam dumped on the front and back porches. He had placed barbed wire and cacti around the house as a security measure.

Posted by missjenn at November 12, 2002 02:03 PM

Hmm... sounds like my weekend. Perhaps he was there. I'm nearly sure of it. Something about shape-shifters (and bats)

Perhaps too much Fear & Loathing. Perhaps too many substances. Must have been something I prescribed to myself. ARrrg. What happened?

Check out my "Losing Saturday and Sperm" log.

-Dr. J

Posted by: dr. j on November 13, 2002 06:21 PM
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