he left home on a tuesday

LONDON (Reuters) -- A 25-foot-high inflatable Ronald McDonald was on the loose in South Wales Tuesday after it escaped from its roof-top home.

The brightly colored plastic clown, mascot of the McDonalds fast food chain, had been anchored to the roof of an outlet near the town of Newport, but when staff went to inflate it in the morning they found it had blown off.

At first it was feared to have settled on a nearby railway track that links South Wales to London.

"We received a call to warn us of the possibility of a large inflatable object lying on the track near Newport West," a spokesman for rail operator Railtrack told Reuters.

"At first our log showed it was a hamburger but it later emerged it was a Ronald McDonald.

"As a precaution we carried out an inspection of the track but nothing was found. It must have blown off somewhere.

By nightfall, Ronald was still missing.

"We're offering a Big Mac to anyone who can give us information leading to his safe return," a McDonalds spokeswoman said.

Posted by missjenn at October 23, 2002 03:46 PM
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