April 16, 2004

drink recipe

"the disappearing ben"

in a tumbler, pour:
one ounce irish whiskey
one ounce tequila
one ounce 151-proof rum
red wine to taste
a splash of grenadine (for colour)
a pinch of self-loathing (it's undrinkable otherwise)

after drinking, chase liberally with sake.

this drink takes its name from the effect it has once you've finished with it and closed your eyes: when you open them again, ben is gone!

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April 04, 2004

odd weekend trends

upon leaving friday's party (lower east-side, powell and jackson), we are overcome with coughing fits as a cloud of caustic, noxious fumes passes over us.

late last night, all patrons of gyoza king are forced to evacuate the restaurant mid-meal, as a similar effect takes hold.

explanation: pepper spray. in the former case, the location being what it was, it was either a) someone defending themselves from crazed junkie-zombies, or b) someone just straight-out huffing anything that would mess them up. at gyoza king, some drunken asshat was fooling around with what he thought was a "toy", much to his and everyone else's spectacular displeasure.

for the record, pepper-spray is pretty potent stuff. however, it seemed much less awful the second time, which seems to support the idea that given enough exposure, some truly hardcore inviduals would be able to shrug it off completely. also for the record, i never want to be that hardcore.

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