January 30, 2004

this log contains facts.

the office building in which i work has a number of other occupants, some of which are worth nothing. on the ground floor is an office of the John Casablancas modelling agency, and down the hall from us is an ESL school. every morning, noon and evening there is a flood of cute and/or hot people standing in front of the building, just hanging around making me regret not choosing a career in photography/english teaching.

elsewhere in life, the band i'm in has a website, even though all that's on there is a deceptively simple band logo. though it looks like it was done in mspaint (because it was (but not by ritchie (sadly))), it's meant to be the initial shot of our soon-to-be all-encompassing war on the traditional rock and roll establishment. soon we'll have buttons and stickers and everything. oh yeah, and songs too.

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January 23, 2004


i'm in love with the bassist from The Dirtbombs. and i can't find mention of her on the interweb anywhere... suck.

last night's show at the commodore was surprisingly awesome. things got off to slow start with some local band called The Gung-Hos, who despite playing rather tone-less frat-rawk seemed to get the crowd going a bit. then came The Sights, who were so far beyond awesome that the mind boggled and the booty shook, in some unholy mind-booty-boggle-shaking fusion. musically, they were the highlight of the night, however, i'd say they were ever-so-slightly upstaged by the Dirtbomb's left bassist, who was just a fuzz-playing (fuzz-bass!!!!!), body-rockin' machine all night long. and what's best, according to the internet, she doesn't even seem to be in the fricken band. the best part was when she tackled one of their raid-1 drummers and took over drumming for a while, only to lose interest and half-heartedly try to climb one of the speaker stacks. i wish i knew her name.

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January 20, 2004

insert coin to continue

even though the very word makes me think of vomit, here i am.. blogging. my rationale for starting this late in the game is that by putting words online via the antiflux log mechanism, i will be encouraged not to take them down whenever whim strikes me. please bear with me as i diddle with the layout config; the site will be suitably ugly soon enough. uglier, even.

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