March 14, 2004

nostalgia, already?

last saturday was my first ever 90's party. ryan, ayma and i hit a value village in the afternoon to do some retro-mining... and we struck grunge gold. ryan did the seattle-throwback look, complete with faded jeans, flannel shirt, under-the-bridge-style dirty down vest and cobain-style hair. ayma did a northern blossom, with wool socks over tights and a short dress with the appropriate layers underneath. i had the army shorts, docs and nine inch nails t-shirt over a long-sleeved nine inch nails t-shirt.

apparently the 90's were really cold, 'cause all those layers get really hot when you're indoors.

the party itself was a lot of fun; sebastien and sarah take their jobs as party-army legionnaires quite seriously. i took over dj duties at one point in the evening and had some good crowd energy going until i sorta-half-accidentally cut in halfway through a biz markie song with my bloody valentine's "only shallow" ("whoops... did i just? ... heehee... stupid windows"). some people cheered, at least.

the most popular look was overwhelmingly grunge, though gareth and jhod (east-coasters!) did the kris-kross backwards hip-hop thing, and one girl came out to represent the candy-raver scene.

anyway, the party was a perfect end to a day spent coming up with top ten lists and listening to nirvana and ministry (the late 80's are practically the 90's!). and if you ever wanted to see closet ace of base fans bustin' moves, this was definitely the place.

also: at some point in the evening, i had the pleasure of meeting evan symons who, in addition to being a pretty hardcore rock guy, has one of the most inspirational websites i've ever come across. well worth checking out.

Posted by michal at March 14, 2004 03:49 PM

how is that outfit different from your usual attire?

Posted by: beth at March 22, 2004 04:02 PM
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