The tabs in OS X 10.5’s Terminal are great, but you can’t jump to a specific tab with ⌘-number, like you can in TextMate. I found a workaround.

The AppleScript to jump to the first tab of the current Terminal window is

tell application "Terminal"
  set selected of tab 1 of window 1 to true
end tell

I tried to assign that to a Quicksilver trigger, but the trigger scopes are broken right now. I used Butler, instead. In the Butler configuration, add a new AppleScript action (hit the +, then under Smart Item → AppleScript → AppleScript). Add the above code in the “Source Code” pane, and set the trigger to ⌘1 in the Triggers pane. Change exceptions to “Only” and add “Terminal”. Repeat for tabs two to whatever. Note that this occludes the normal Terminal binding of ⌘-number to Terminal windows. I never used that.

28 November 2007
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