Facebook Status with Growl

  1. Download facebook-statuses.

  2. Copy the “Friend’s Status Updates” link from your Facebook status page. It should look like http://www.facebook.com/feeds/friends_status.php?id=123&key=789asdf&format=rss20.

  3. Run the script with the URL you copied as the first argument: facebook-statuses 'http://www.facebook.com/feeds/friends_status.php?id=123&key=789asdf&format=rss20' (with your own URL, obvs). A big pile of Growl notifications should appear. The script saves the RSS URL, so in the future you can run facebook-statuses with no arguments.

  4. Automate! Run crontab -e and add */10 * * * * ~/bin/facebook-statuses to run the script every 10 minutes.

It will show an image if it can find ~/Pictures/facebook.png. I used Facebook’s favicon which is okay but too small. Suggestions for a better image are welcome.

30 April 2007