Telus forces me to choose one of five annoying sounds when my Motorola Razr takes a photo, presumably because I’m a pervert trying for upskirt shots or something.

BitPim lets you fiddle with the system files on your phone. The Mac binary of version 0.9.10 works for me. 0.9.13 refused to start. It’s a Python program, so you could also check out the source. I didn’t feel like compiling SDL.

  1. Connect your Razr and computer with a USB cable. I used the one that came with my camera.

  2. In BitPim’s ‘View’ menu, choose ‘View filesystem’.

  3. Click on ‘Filesystem’ in the left pane and browse to /motorola/system.

  4. Replace one of the five ‘shutter?.wav’ files with a silent wave file.

  5. Select that shutter sound in the phone’s camera setup menu. The sounds are listed in numerical order.

29 March 2007
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