Saft is a plugin for Safari that adds a lot of features. The most important to me were

  1. Mozilla-style type-ahead find.
  2. Force links to open in a tab. No new windows! This didn’t work quite as I’d like. It would be better if links always opened in the current tab unless you command-click on them.
  3. Remember open tabs when quitting Safari. I’m not sure if it works with crashes as well. That would be ideal.

Saft is unfortunately nagware. A dialog box appears when Safari starts and then periodically after that. The period seemed to be about five minutes. It was so annoying I deleted it within an hour, despite loving the features. Maybe this will motivate me to learn how to write my own InputManager.

More satisfying is I-Search Plugin, which adds Emacs-style (C-s, C-r) incremental searching to any NSTextView (i.e., most os10 apps).

17 September 2004