quicksilver command window

I’ve been addicted to LaunchBar for a while now. Quicksilver is the same idea: you hit command-space and then type part of the name of whatever you want to open/find/whatever. So, command-space-t-enter gets me a terminal.

Quicksilver looks nicer than LaunchBar, and with the bevel mode (see image above) it pops up right in the centre of the screen. That makes sense to me, since it’s busy capturing my keystrokes.

Web searches are easy. Bookmarks with quicksilver (instead of the usual %s) in the url (like http://antiflux.org/dictionary?define=quicksilver) will pop up a search dialog, which then opens a new tab in Safari with the result.

Support for browsing iPhoto, iTunes, and Address Book is built in.

It’s still beta for sure, though; it’s crashed twice already.

31 March 2004