November 29, 2002
folding frenzy

damn, it's hard finding an origami turtle to make that _isn't_ retarded.

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November 25, 2002

my favourite cat in the whole wide world
(that is, until i get my own)
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November 23, 2002
mchappy day!

to celebrate mchappy day (nov 20), i got a mchappy straw:

yay! it makes drinking fun.

Posted by erin at 05:05 PM
ill-fated birthday waffle

my poor waffle

looks like vomit
Posted by erin at 11:54 AM
November 19, 2002

it's waffle day at work today, courtesy of lokesh (one of the vista qa leads).

i managed to avoid spilling on my pants this time. instead, i tipped my waffle off my desk and onto the carpet... whipped cream and fruit sauce everywhere.


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November 14, 2002
vroom vroom

i love my vacuum cleaner! not only has it rid me of the mysterious bites i was getting in september, but it has made mr. fat the cleanest bear in the world.

Posted by erin at 11:14 AM
November 12, 2002
slippery green thing

avocado on my freshly washed pants. damn it.

Posted by erin at 03:53 PM