October 13, 2003

Xela, Guatemala (II)

Sorry already!

I wasn't prepared for all the impatient admonishment I received when I went through my email for the first time in a long time today. Thank you for your concern and suggestions. I haven't been ignoring you or this site, I just haven't had the time or resources to get photos or these scribblings on the site. Come to think of it, I've either been on the road or in the jungle for a week now. Now that I've settled for a while, I promise I'll post regularly, and I'll get back you each by email.

Posting writing, much less images has been challenging. I write in my Palm handheld for convenience, then need to find a computer on which to install the connection software, then post to this page. Images are another matter all together. I've taken well over 200MB worth of images already, and trying to get them onto the server over a 10kb/sec connection is like trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose. I'm making progress however (with the images, not the golf ball) and I'll get them up eventually. Promise.

Looking through the photos and writing I've decided to post, it's pretty obvious that the trip so far has been Mayan ruin-oriented. I guess I should explain that.

The ruins and a better understanding of the Maya were indeed my focus for the first part of this trip. Teotihuacan, Monte Alban, Palenque and Tikal are the vestiges of the most important Mayan cities in Meso-America. I haven't detailed anything of the ruins on this site for several reasons: I couldn't do them justice, most of you probably aren't interested anyway, and they've all been well documented elsewhere:

Monte Alban

If you're interested in more still, I recommend:

A Forest of Kings and The Code of Kings both by Linda Schele, and Maya Cosmos: Three Thousand Years on the Shaman's Path by David Freidel.

There is, of course, more interesting material out there ;) Ask me.

Posted by dhuska at October 13, 2003 10:09 PM