January 08, 2003
The game is a foot

Well, I have for the first time in my life prostituted myself. I have given up reign over my resume and handed it out to the masses. The list of corporations now in contact with my carreer are numerous and not many are ideal candidates (in my personal opinion) to work for. However, as my wise Mom used to say: "Beggar's can't be choosers". So, seeing as how I'm begging, I'm gonna shut-up now, take a job that I'm given, smile and be happy about it.

I can't wait until I settle for other things in my life. ARRGH. What a frustrating day.

Here's my post. Like it? Good! I thought so.

One point of interest, I was forwarded this today and it cheered me up. (Thanks r.t.)

Check out their game: "Space Trippers". This works on all 3 major platforms, so you don't have an excuse not to play it. :)


(a bitter and slightly jaded)


Posted by cjones at January 08, 2003 09:05 PM
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