December 31, 2002
I'm on a plane

I've noticed that my logs have been getting rather stale. So, since I'm on a plane I thought I would actually devote some decent time to this particular entry.

Here goes:

Well it has been a busy last few days. The other night I went out for my friend's b-day. He invited me and some other friends to first celebrate with his parents and girlfriend in the South-End. This is a rarity in itself because I usually have to travel for 25-30 minutes to go see him in the city. I now only had to travel 5. I have met his family before but forgot what wonderful parents he has. His
mom is very French Canadian and cooks accordingly spectacular.

After dinner, Nick (my friend), his g/f, Dave & Emily, Chris and myself headed downtown for some drinks. I left the car at my place and got into Chris' car so I wouldn't have to drive after drinking.

We arrived at an Irish pub downtown with a live band on a Friday night. The place was pumpin' to say the least. The band even did a cover "extra-Irish-style-violin-and-all" of Hous of Pain's "Jump". It was amazing to say the least. I wish I got their name so I could invite them to the Blarney Stone in Vancouver.

I knew the bar manager/bar tender from high-school. He provided me with many a free pint of Guiness which was a wonderful treat. I know several bar tenders/managers in Vancouver, but I have never had such treatment. I guess it goes to show who your friends REALLY are. He picked up the tab for the whole party of us and got the b-day boy very intoxicated. (Thanks again Ryan).

The following few days I spent "chilling out" at home w/ mom, dad, and my brother. Watching him play SOCOM: Navy Seals online for his PS2. I have to admit, he is quite good at it.

So, I went to bed at 0230H this morning and woke up at 0600H to catch my flight at 0800H. As the plane pulled onto the tarmac, I watched little eddies of snow and salt whip around on the assphalt as the bits finally escaped the grasp of the engine's gust only to settle a few feet from whence they became airborne.

The take-off was as awe-inspiring as ever. Honestly it never ceases to amaze me how this huge tin-can manages to get off the ground. I even understand enough physics to explain it, but it still leaves me jaw-dropped every time.

The ascent was typical. A beutiful view of the semi-crystalized Ottawa River at dawn, the cotton-ball like clouds, and the glistening of moisture on the wings were all welcome signs as we approached cruising altitude of 30 000ft.

I believe that the feature film is about to start. I hope the oncoming day in Vancouver will be as pleasant as it started out in Ottawa.

The plane landed safely and rather long day was as great as it began. I got back, played Santa Claus by distributing gifts to those friends that regularly do a gift exchange with me.

All you can eat lunch was @ Shabusen. This is nice since it is right across the street. A bunch of Sushi later, and whammo... I basically passed out for 3-4 hours. It was great I needed a nap. I woke up in time to watch my friend Dave play some Tony Hawk 4. Drinks @ Monsoon at about 2230H. Just stayed for a short while.

Came back and started watching 24 Hours. It is apparently a series that was on TV. I don't watch a lot of TV any more so it was rather intriguing. Good show. (on DVD so we have the whole season at our disposal. Each episode last 1 hour in REAL TIME).. this feature is kinda neat. (commercial free though which is even better)

Now just catching up on some mail with the TV in the background.


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