December 25, 2002
Christmas and Drinking

So here I am on early Christmas morning drinking w/ my bro's. It is pretty funny. My bro from Montreal is totally making a fool of himself, but he is really entertaining and humorous to say the least.

He brought his cat with him too. I wonderful orange tabby. We gave him a bunch of cat-nip and laughed our asses off watching the cat trip-out on the floor.

We had Christmas here a day early since my Mum has to work tomorrow morning. (She's a nurse). So we went to mass at 2300H and then we came back and opened our gifts at 0030H or so and had a few drinks. Here we are at
nearly 0400H and I'm starting to get tired.

I got a lot of nice gifts from my parents and brothers. They are both awesome.
I think they both need to grow up quite a bit, but especially the one who is 21. :) I guess it will come with time.

Merry Christmas


Posted by cjones at December 25, 2002 01:08 AM
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