November 18, 2002
To Surrey and Back.

Well I went to Surrey on Sunday. Man that was quite a trip. Met some interesting people on the bus including an obvious 'raver' wearing a big Yellow 'Fubu' hoody and massive red bagy pants. Eyes as big as golf-balls, but their was obvious effort involved in keeping the lids propped open.

All in all, quite a blast.

Called in my EI today, payed some bills. And watched one of the stupidest things ever produced on the web: Bum-fight!. Of course this has approval of Howard Stern. Which doesn't say much about the morality of the individuals responsible.

At times it was humorous, but all in all kinda sad. I didn't feel bad for the "kids" fighting, but when you saw some of the things they did with Rofus. I really thought that they were abusing their wealth.

Got the .mpg if anyone is curious.

-Dr. J

Posted by cjones at November 18, 2002 07:39 PM
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