November 16, 2002
Lack of xDSL makes for unhappy campers.

So there I was stuck w/out my high-bandwidth connection for over 14 hours as I patiently listened to telephone updates helplessly on the other end of a cordless phone. Starting at 22:00H, the gracious "System Administrator" would post by-hourly updates on the hotline. at 04:00H, my body gave up. Requiring only a few bytes of bandwidth to keep it alive: my brain fell unconcious into a primordeal mass of neurons.

I was woken abrubtly at 10:00H. I thought it was the aforementioned xDSL system administrator informing me that the bits were once again marching triumphantly down the pipe. It was only my room-mates mother reminding us to vote. (Which I entirely forgot to do. I do blame this directly on the failure of the electrons travelling toward me so that I could research the candidates).

I also managed to get out of the house today. The first time in quite a few days. I've been feeling rather fragile as I'm sure my room-mate can attest to. :) I went to return a $188 HDD that was only needed in case of emergency. The 15Gig laptop drive was returned successfully for a mere $141. I had to face a 25% restocking fee. (OUCH)

Not to mention I missed a bus on the way back by about 15minutes. I could no longer 're-use' my transfer and had to spend an additional $2.00 to get home. My-my... money travels so quickly here.

Ahh, just keep smiling (and the world will smile back i tell myself). Although I still had to kick myself for getting out of bed today at all. I had a strange suspicion it would be "one of those days".

Good to know that my instincts are still functioning.

I hope you all had a much better day!

-Dr. J

Posted by cjones at November 16, 2002 09:14 PM
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