December 12, 2003

UBC History

Today I was looking up some information on the history of UBC to show thrust how the stones for main library and the chemistry building were delivered. In general the library archives website is an interesting place to visit and the building UBC 'virtual display' has some interesting information and pictures that answered my questions for thrust

For the UBC CS undergrads this picture may be of interest to you

Thrust and I investigated the Old Auditorium to see if the sweet roof ornament was still there (it isn't)

We investigated the old engineering labs too. Two of them are still standing, they have some fine art classrooms and some unused space as well, but they used to have cool stuff like this.

And who knew there was a Player's club.

My old apartment building used to be a hotel.

While I was at the archive site I decided to see exactly how much they have scanned in. I think that there are over 3000 images that they have digitized so far. (check that, >28000 on the site) Having talked to a few older Engineering graduates I decided to see if there were any pictures of the Lady Godiva ride around campus, and to my surprise they have the 1980 and 81 episodes documented. (I prefer 1980, just look at those cowboy hats)

I just found this website and it looks very interesting too, better browsing and searching.

And everyone should start their day with a little hail UBC.

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slack ass

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